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Magic Tissue: Logo embossed on top of tablet or printed on packaging

Composition: 100% viscose, 100% rayon or 100% cotton.

Compressed Shape: Diameter 2*Height 1cm in round form.

Unfold size: 20*20cm,22*20cm, 22*24cm, 22*25cm, 24*24cm, 24*25cm, 25*25cm.

Weight: 40gr/m2 or 50gr/m2.


Detailed Product Description :

A full-size tissue hydraulically compress to a shape of coin. Made with 100% Rayon, 100% viscose. it is softer, durable and degradable. As it is in dried form, there is no possibilities to contain any germs and bacteria.100% healthy. When water is poured to it, it grows to its full size. It can be used as hot towel or cold wet tissue.


Advantages compared with wet wipes

The ordinary water tissue contains preservatives and anti-bacteria which may cause a child or a person with sensitive skin to have allergic reactions or other side effects such as rashes and skin diseases. These preservatives and anti-bacteria also produce uncomfortable scents. Furthermore, when stored for a length of period the ordinary water tissue is much easier to spread out bacteria and other fungus.

However, Magic Coin Tissue, a full-size tissue hydraulically compress is made with 100% natural fiber, it is softer, durable and degradable.


As Magic Coin Tissue is in dried form, it can not be contaminated by any germs and bacteria. It is 100% healthy. All you have to do is pour the water to dried form then it grows to its full size. Depending on the water you pour, it can be used as hot or cold tissue.


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