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Magic Tissue: Logo embossed on top of tablet or printed on packaging

Composition: 100% viscose, 100% rayon or 100% cotton.

Compressed Shape: Diameter 2*Height 1cm in round form.

Unfold size: 20*20cm,22*20cm, 22*24cm, 22*25cm, 24*24cm, 24*25cm, 25*25cm.

Material Weight: 40gr/m2 or 50gr/m2.


Detailed Product Description :

A full-size tissue hydraulically compress to a shape of coin. Made with 100% Rayon, 100% viscose.

It is softer, durable and degradable. As it is in dried form, there is no possibilities to contain any germs and bacteria.100% healthy. When water is poured to it, it grows to its full size. It can be used as hot towel or cold wet tissue.

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